GROWSHIT Vegan is a vibrant blend of the finest handpicked ingredients; finished by hand.

GROWSHIT creates an intelligent, self-fertilizing, actively living soil structure that can be permanently reused.
Thanks to GROWSHIT you create an ecological habitat for fungi and microorganisms and you get a permanent, self-replicating, highly fertile soil; without chemistry.

This is how magnificent plants thrive, along with delicious, vitamin-rich fruits and bountiful harvests.
We at GROWSHIT want you to achieve stable yields of particularly good quality as easily as possible.

GROWSHIT provides macro and micronutrients, root, growth and flowering stimulators, enzymes, humic and fulynic acids, amino acids, silicates, CalMag boosters, fungi and bacteria in one product.

With GROWSHIT you create a natural and lasting soil fertility, which is self-generated by special bacterial strains. Especially with immediate, long-term and depot effects for all life phases of your plant.

Not only will your plants look better with bold colors, they will also taste great and contain more antioxidants, vitamins and trace elements.


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